Type of Organisation: Unincorporated
Address: Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum

c/o ACOSVO, Thorn House, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR.

Purpose and Activities 1. To advance thinking on governance of third sector organisations.

2. To share and discuss emerging developments and issues.

3. To make available a bank of information and act as a conduit of information and intelligence on governance.

4. Promote targeted and tailored governance training, consultation and development.

5. Provide opportunities for governance support and development not already existing either directly or indirectly.

6. Influence policy on governance issues.

Powers 7. To do anything to further the purposes.
Membership 8.  Two classes of membership: (i) representatives of organisations in Scotland, (ii) individuals.

9.  The members to demonstrate their commitment to exploring and developing governance in third sector organisations by (a) attendance at meetings, (b) assisting in the work and (c) acting as conduits of information and intelligence on governance with their members etc.

10.  The maximum number of members is 15. The minimum is 4. Quorum is 4.

11.  Member’s length of service to be reviewed every two years.

Governance 12. The ultimate authority for the ‘Forum’ is its committee. The committee is comprised of the Forum’s membership.
Recruitment to Membership 13.

(i) Criteria: two parts,

(a) Evident specialist knowledge or expertise on governance in third sector organisations.

(b) Manifest commitment to the work of the Forum and to working collaboratively.

(ii) Process to include: informal proposal to the forum’s committee for a new member or returning organisation; representative to attend a committee meeting informally; committee to decide to approve formal engagement, or not.

Meetings 14. Committee to meet every 6-8 weeks.

15. If representatives cannot attend they are entitled to send substitutes with relevant expertise.

Administration 16. The Forum to be ‘hosted’ by ACOSVO.

17. ACOSVO to provide administration.

18. ACOSVO representative has the right to chair the Forum Meetings.

19. The Forum has the right to set up sub-groups.

Accountability 20. Commitment to self-assessment/evaluation:

(i) Forum to annually review its membership and practices.

(ii) Forum to arrange an evaluation(s) of its functioning and activities at appropriate time intervals.

Agreed: 31/1/17

Member’s organisations and individuals as of 31/1/17

  • Arts and Business Scotland
  • OSCR
  • MDNinS
  • Social Enterprise Academy
  • SCVO
  • Rod Hunter
  • Alastair Keatinge
  • Susan Robinson


  • Scottish Government